If We Call It What It Is, Then Maybe We Can Start Doing What We Are Supposed To Do

Yes we are in a fragmented marketing landscape. Yes it has made things a hundred times tougher for folks who live in the real world of advertising. However, if we look at it from a macro lens, we aren’t in that big of a mess. If we look at the fundamentals, we are now back to the basics. Back to where the conversation is guiding all. As a result, we have gone back to where the biggest thing that affects how communications unfolds is the control of the conversation.

Leading the charge in this resurgence are tools such as Twitter and Facebook. Having received the most attention because of the ease they provide in helping the conversation be passed around, these tools quickly rose to prominence bearing the banner : ‘social media’. This term came out of nowhere and was implemented mainly to help people position it within the marketing mix¬†which has, for decades, been dominated by print, radio, then television. Adopted early and quite lazily and without any real proper rationale, the term was integrated into marketing processes as the lexicon to rule all.

And this is where the problem begins. Continue…