What Bugs Me About Google Glass

I love the idea of Google Glass.

I love the boldness of it.

In an age where companies simply rip off other companies I absolutely love vision of it.
(Which now that I think about it, is actually kind of ironic).

The main issue I have is execution.

If you check out the video the Google recently released below to hype it, you see a very slick execution of what we might experience when the time comes to wear it. While it looks all slick and Minority Report-like, what is missing is that you are now a person walking around with a really fucked up monocle talking out loud to the world but to not anyone specific.

And that will get real annoying, real fast.

One of the main things that make all of these conversation media tools so well adopted and loved is the lack of intrusion that the technology has on other people’s lives. It might come as shocking news to social media folks, however not everyone is on Twitter or Facebook; most people don’t take pictures of their food and then put it up on Instagram; in fact, there a lot of people that are only buying their first smartphone now.

As I watch this video, it all seems rather annoying to me. It actually looks like every cool Go-Pro video we have seen on the internet, just not cool..and with a bunch of numbers in the corner. I mean, at one point you can hear a voice telling ‘Glass’ to take a picture. Because as humans, it seems we have lost the ability to press buttons.

Can you imagine going to a restaurant now with everyone wearing these?

It is quite telling that if we compare rumours between Google and their Google Glass technology and Apple with their proposed iWatch, one is about the technology and how cool it is while the other is about getting the technology out of the way so that we can live our lives.

Nike started the mass adoption of wearable technology, rather brilliantly I might add. Apple seems to be taking it to another level that looks to change how the masses interact with technology…again.

That is why I am a huge fan of the Apple does things. Their success is based on taking technology out of our lives to make it simpler as opposed to injecting it into our lives so it’s just another thing to deal with. Case in point, when was the last time you carried an mp3 player around for anything but the gym? Or remember how much a pain in the ass it was to install a printer onto your computer. The MacBook helped make content creators of us all while the iPhone, the iPad (and subsequently the iWatch) has made us content consumers of us all.

Sadly, with Google Glass, it seems the search engine that sells ads and has a shitty mobile OS is simply creating another Segway to keep up with the cool kids.

And really, that is ok because as a content creator / editor-in-chief / strategist I see plenty of niche uses that can enhance very specific experiences brilliantly. What gives me hope is that Google is really betting a lot on this so it will stay around long enough to gain some traction and carve out its niche.

The price will have to come down dramatically though because right now there is no compelling argument for me to buy one of these things when really, I can get pretty much exactly the same functionality with GoPro wrapped up in a much better package at a price I have the ability to handle.For now, I will watch how consumers take in this technology because really, sometimes that’s the most fun with these types of things.